Wow..... HI! I don't know who is still around this thing since the last time I signed on here was like two years ago!! Pretty pathetic on my behalf. i just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and well and am going to try and post for often.... once I get the use of this I will start giving out things and making this a art place. *hugs* to all!


P.S Happy early fourth guys! Have fun and be safe.
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Seattle Nightlife! ;)

*laughs uncontrollabley*

:DD Nothing a bottle of Malibu and Vodka can't fix!!! LOL


the tales I say spill tommarow! ;)


"Drunk in Seattle!"
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grrrrr.... argh.....

Ahhhh vacation....a wonderful thing! Untill.......

The state you are decides its not going to rain......which its supposed to. Your best friends being a total B****....and the whole time your stuck with a TV that has four ridiculous channels...not your own computer.(meaning no PS) and no car to drive around..and no fake id varafing that I am 21!!!! (which i'm not, but anyhoo)

you get the drift!



I needed that rant!! Thank you and goodnight!!

tune in for another addidion of "REALLY BORED and Sleepless In Seattle"

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I am still going nuts! :D


:D I have theses two websites to make for these companies and they are still not finished!! They are really starting to become a BIG pain in my Ass~. Grrrrrr.........

I leave on Vacation this Sunday so Hopfully I can get the sites done and then have a week of fun and relaxation! I mean FUN & RELAXATION! WOOOOO HOOOO! ;) Anywyas... I am going to Seattle! I am sooo excited! '

Well I really don't have much to say, just that I miss everyone terribly and I hope I get to chat you up soon!

love ya all!

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(no subject)

ahhh.....I feel.......Ahhh I FEEL! lol......anyways.. I feel...Over stressed out lately! I think I might be going bonkers!! I accepted two offers to create websites for companies in L.A and now myu inspiration is running thin!! I have no idea what to do, and all i am hoping is that it will all turn out ok in the end! I know for sure that after this littlew adventure, I probably won't be doing this again. On to bigger and better things! :D

I tried out for this contest on the internet last week and It eneded on the 25th. I am soo nerveous. I am ready for them to pick a winner already. Oh...DUH...I should probably tell you what it is. For those of you know know him its a new come singer named Jason Mraz! He is amazing. I love him man! Not as much As my future hubby Orli, but hes my musical flirt! (some people cheat with-in area code limits...I cheat with different charaters...aka. Doctors, musicians..Orlis and actor so no others) LOOL just kiddin...Once I have orli thats enough for me! :D OK WAY OFF TRACK......Contest...Yes..So I entered and I am nervous. I will Keep everyone posted.

This coming thurday I have acting class down in Hollywood, but this won't be any orfdinary class O no. We were each given a scene last week to read over and memorize because we are having a casting agent come in and watch our scenes....ekkkkkkkk.....All I know is thats shes casting a movie right now so if she likes us you never know! ? AHHHHHh lets add some more nervouness to my plate shall we! :S

I think I am done for now...wouldn't want to bore you all! :D *hugs* Love and miss everyone! :D Talk to some of you soon!

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My Rant

I am in a good yet wide awake mood. Wish probably doesn't make much sense!!! but hey...when do I ever make sense!!! :) lol anyways.

I went back to my improve class last night only to find out that there show will be today, so wahm, I am in the so. It was a last mintue thing, but hey its improv so thats easy to fake! ;)

I saw Pirates Of The Carribean again...and it keeps getting better, and better everytime I see it. I mean ahhhhhhhhhh......Orlando......*faint* Deep in Eyeliner.......ekkkkkkk... :D

I can't wait to see it again, and again! Then to buy it! and use it out.


Back on track.

It's time for my rant...

My websites...

I think I am going to close them down. I already lost Obscure Reveries do to my host finnishing her account. Lady & the Tramp isn't doing much of anything... I might just turn it into a guestbook sign-up clique. that way there really isn't any attachemnt to me! The It Awards was fun while it lasted, but I am such a busy person that I can't keep up with all the e-mails. Intoxicating Tales long never finished fanfiction website. I feel an obligation to this one. If I keep anything open it would be this one do to the fact that I would feel like I had unfinished business if I didn't, and I know that people read it and it would be very unfair to them. Plus its my baby... Now my art site. MY art site. I don't know whether I want to keep this open anymore. I love making and designing art. It is my passion, but lately I feel there is no use to keep it open. I thought back to why I originally opened it, and it was to learn, be creative, and meet people with the same interests. Its changed. This is something I will have to think long and hard about!

Thats all for my rant. I am finished for today. Hope I didn't bring anyone down, :) lol. I'll tell you all about the improv class tommorow.

*hugs* out to all!!

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Break Wanted

I am a little upset today, as well as very tired.

I just found out that my host for Obscure Reveries is quiting her domain and closing it. I guess its for the best really, I don't think I am going to find a new host after this. I don't REALLY blog anymore and I think its just a waste of someones personally good space. So I have about a week or so left of time before *poof* its gone.

Thats that.


This play is breaking me in two. I am sick with cold like symptoms, and I am unable to sleep properly while working extensive workouts and for about 6 hours every day. We open on friday, and we still have so much more to accomplish! By the time this show is over I need a vauted room with sleep written all over it.


It was sooooooooo good!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh Wet Orlando........hee heee hee

Ok I am good!! I am going know!! :P
Love you all!
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ *breathe*
Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ *breathe*

ok.......give me a sec....*out of breath*


All I have to say is.....Orlando Bloom Baby!!!!!!


POTC was an amazing movie!! I loved it... not only did it have my future hubby
orli in it, but Johnny Depp in eyeliner.......*heart beat* *faint* It was

Thats all I have to rant about......

Love out to all.....
and Orli dreamy wishes to everyone..



Wow.....This is the weirdest thing ever!! LOL I sat here for like and hour trying to figure it out. :) anyways!! i just want to give a huge hug out to Sandy whom pushed and proded this lovely spot to me! Thanks you sweetie!

Hopefully soon I will be able to figure this whole thing out so my page dosn't look soo Blah....

thats all I reall have to say!!!!! :) More coming really soon!

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